How do I enroll in the UltraONE Club program?
You can sign up to become an UltraONE Club member by one of four ways. (1). Visit ultraonerewards.com/ultraone-become-a-member to sign up on the web. (2.) Enroll at a Kiosk at any TA or Petro location and get a temporary card on the spot. (3.) Call 1-800-632-9240 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, closed weekends (4.) Enroll at the TA Truck Service center to get a temporary card on the spot. When signing up, you should use the exact name that is printed on your driver's license. It will take approximately two weeks for your actual UltraONE Club card to arrive. If you don't have it by then, you should call customer service to check on the status.

Why do I have to enter personal information in order to become a member?
UltraONE Club Cards are mailed to the member's address. Shower coupons and redemption certificates will have your name. Additionally, this information is the only way we have of notifying winners in our sweepstakes drawings.

How many UltraONE Club cards can I have?
Members are allowed to have one card. Please do not sign up for more than one card. Anyone wishing to earn or redeem UltraONE Points or be entitled to any of the other benefits must have a card in his or her name. This applies to team drivers as well. This is for your protection.

How do I earn UltraONE Points in the program?
UltraONE Club members earn UltraONE Points on qualifying purchases made at participating TA locations. Currently, UltraONE Points are awarded on diesel fuel, service work and other purchases made in our truck service shops. Members earn one UltraONE Point for every gallon of diesel fuel purchased; one UltraONE Point for every dollar spent in TA truck service shops or Petro:Lube shops. The exception is that new tires purchased on national tire account will be awarded 200 points per tire. UltraONE Points will not be issued for beer, alcohol, gratuities, gift certificates, Freightliner or Delco warranty repair work, discounts, or sales tax on valid items purchased. UltraONE Points are added to the account only when your UltraONE Club card is swiped.

How do I find out how many UltraONE Points I have available?
Members can find their UltraONE Point balance by using the kiosk (member's page) or through this website (www.ultraonerewards.com) and logging in to see your balance. You can also call customer service at 1-800-632-9240.

Does the card have to be present in order for me to get UltraONE Points?
Yes! Keep your card with you at all times in order to take full advantage of all membership benefits. In order to receive UltraONE Points, members must present their UltraONE Club card when purchasing fuel or service and products purchased in our truck service shops. UltraONE Points will not be awarded if the card is not available or if it is presented after the transaction is complete. We will not be able to add points any time after the transaction is completed, so make sure to have your card with you and present it at the start of the transaction.

How do I redeem UltraONE Points?
UltraONE Points can be redeemed at the kiosk. There is a kiosk at all TA and Petro locations. UltraONE Points are redeemed by scanning your card and choosing the appropriate redemption award. After selecting the award, you will receive an Instant Redemption Certificate. In order to help protect members' accounts, if you are redeeming $25 or more at one time, then you will need to provide a driver's license along with your UltraONE card, and the names on both must match.

Can I redeem my UltraONE Points for anything that TA and Petro sells?
UltraONE Points cannot be redeemed for diesel fuel; gasoline; beer; alcohol; gratuities; cash or cash equivalents; gift cards; prepaid cards; bill payments; INPulse payments and deposits relating to wireless services; lottery tickets; fees; PrivaCash; or casino credits. Members are responsible for all taxes on qualifying purchases.

Can I use my UltraONE® points to pay for Reserved Parking?
Yes, UltraONE members can redeem UltraONE points to reserve a parking space. Simply make your reservation as usual, and select the pay with UltraONE points option when prompted. Note that kiosk certificates cannot be used as payment. For complete details, please visit www.ta-petro.com/ultraone. 

What is my pin number and what is it used for?
Every member is required to have a pin number. The pin number is used to access the UltraONE section of the TA or Petro website where you can look at recent activity, check your account balance, and more. NEW, you can now require a pin code to be entered with the swipe of your UltraONE card at the kiosk to access your member account information.  You can add this feature by updating your account at the kiosk

Can I get my account number over the phone?
For security reasons, we do not provide account numbers over the phone.

Do my UltraONE Points expire?
NO. UltraONE Points do not expire. Your UltraONE card will be deactivated after six (6) months if no activity is recorded on the card and any points, shower credits and reward balances will be forfeited. Activity is defined as a certificate being printed or points being added for a qualifying purchase (See “How do I earn UltraONE Points in the program?” above). UltraONE Points, shower credits and other reward balances will not be restored after six months of non-activity.

What is the UltraONE Platinum Card and how do I qualify?
UltraONE members will automatically be upgraded to the Platinum tier when 20,000 UltraONE points are earned in a calendar year (January through December).  In addition to receiving a specially designed card, UltraONE Platinum members will earn a bonus UltraONE point for each gallon of diesel fuel purchased over 130 gallons in single fill, two UltraONE Points for repair services (restrictions apply), shower credits that do not expire, one day free parking at preferred parking locations each month and special birthday offer.  As soon as 20,000 UltraONE Points is achieved, members will be notified via the kiosk and will need to verify their account information to upgrade their account to Platinum. For more information, see the rules section of the UltraONE Club.

How do I use my card to obtain my showers?
Members earn a shower credit for a 60-gallon minimum diesel purchase. To redeem your credit, go to the kiosk and follow the screen prompts. You will be issued a "Shower Receipt" which will allow you to enter a shower room using either the entry code printed on the receipt or your UltraONE Club card.

How long are shower credits valid?
UltraONE Standard Members, a shower credit expires (14) days after it is earned (the day of the diesel fuel transaction). There is no limit to the number of shower credits that accumulate on an UltraONE standard member’s card.  UltraONE Platinum Members shower credits do not expire, maximum 10 shower credits on a members account.

What is the shower policy for team drivers?
Team drivers will be allowed one (1) shower each upon redemption of a Coupon or use of a Shower Credit provided that both showers are taken at the same location on the same day. Both drivers must be present when requesting two showers from one Shower Coupon. At those TA or Petro locations using the automated Shower System, team drivers should follow the menu prompts to obtain a shower receipt from the Kiosk and proceed to the shower desk. The Customer Service Representative will reserve a shower for the second driver.

What if my card is lost or stolen?
If your card is lost or stolen, call customer service immediately at 1-800-632-9240. A Customer Service Representative may transfer all of the points and information from the old card to a new account. Please note that TA and Petro are not responsible for UltraONE Points or shower credits that are lost or stolen under any circumstances. Therefore, please protect your account just as you would other private information such as bank cards or credit cards.  You can now require a pin code to be entered at the kiosk when your card is swiped.

Can purchases made using the Instant Redemption Certificates be exchanged for a cash refund?
No cash refunds will be issued for any merchandise purchased using UltraONE Points. Merchandise can be exchanged for like items if defective.

Is change issued on purchases where the Instant Redemption Certificate exceeds the amount of the purchase?
UltraONE Points have no cash value, therefore change is NOT issued on these purchases.


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