UltraONE Expediter


UltraONETM Points
UltraONETM Expediter
UltraONETM Points per gallon of diesel fuel
1 Point
UltraONETM Points per Dollar Spent at Truck Service Center*
1 Point
Point Expiration
Points do not expire as long as card is used at least once in a six month period.
TA and Petro Locations!
YOUR Rewards Promotions  
YOUR Rewards Promotions
Earn Free Products and Huge Savings!
1 Shower per 60 gallons or more of diesel fuel
Credits Good for 14 Days
1 Shower for 60 gallons or more of fuel purchased within a five-consecutive-day time period
Credits Good for 14 Days
Special Offers
Parking Privledges (Based on availability)
TA and Petro
Happy Birthday!
Free Birthday Dessert

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