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UltraONE Expediter

You Deserve the Best

Whether you are a professional driver of an 18-wheeler, Sprinter Truck or Cargo Van, you have a tough job day in and day out. It can be hard, lonely work, and not everybody can do it. Those who can deserve to be rewarded.

UltraONE Expediter Club is our way of giving something back to professional drivers of the Sprinter Trucks and Cargo Vans.  Whether you spend your points on home-style meals in our restaurants or for accessories to make your rig feel more like home, hopefully the UltraONE Expediter Club helps make your time on the road a little more comfortable. UltraONE Expediter rewards can also help you keep in touch with family and friends by redeeming points for wireless internet access.

To give us your feedback, or obtain more information our customer service department is ready to assist at 800-632-9240.

The UltraONE Expediter Club offers you rewards like nobody else.

Members earn points on diesel fuel and in our truck service shops. UltraONE Points are redeemable in our stores, shops, and restaurants for tons of great items!

Now UltraONE Expediter Club members earn shower credits faster.  Purchase 60 or more gallons of fuel in a single fill, or 60 gallons within a five-consecutive-day period, and earn a free shower credit that lasts for 14 days.

You can look forward to many exciting enhancements to the UltraONE Expediter Club throughout the year, including point promotions, sweepstakes, special incentives....and much more. 

Most importantly, the UltraONE Expediter Club is your loyalty program. We're always looking for driver feedback to keep making the UltraONE Expediter Club more valuable for its members. You can give us your thoughts  through this web site or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-632-9240.

Together, we can make the UltraONE Expediter Club the premier professional trucker rewards program in the U.S. It's our way of thanking you for making TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers your stop of choice. We hope to see you soon!


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